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BMA Chairs

BMA  makes ergonomic office chairs. These chairs are designed for disassembly and can be easily refurbished after a certain use phase. BMA buys back used chairs from clients. The parts are re-used in new chairs or are returned to the supplier to be processed into new parts. The armrests and the base are fully re-used where possible. They also hires out chairs including a maintenance and cleaning contract. 

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  • Country: Netherlands
  • Sectors:
    • Furniture
  • Maturity level: Established

Combined strategies

Circular Value Creation Strategies

  • Remanufacture

    Return product /component to original specifications (remanufacturing) or to satisfactory working conditions (refurbishment).

  • Reuse

    The common use of a product  (or product parts) spread over sequential timeframes.

Value Proposition Strategies

  • Product Service System – use oriented
    Product Service System – use oriented

    Product-service system focused on the provision of a service by renting/leasing a product (e.g. rental of cleaning equipment)

  • Branding (eco/premium)
    Branding (eco/premium)

    Enabling a price premium by highlighting/guaranteeing quality and or environmental claims (e.g. certificates, environmental stewardship,...).

Value network strategies

  • Take back management
    Take back management

    Logistics  / establishing network collaboration for taking back end-of-life products from the customer, enabling the execution of a circular value creation strategy