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DECEUNINCK Cyclefoam ®

Deceuninck designs and manufactures PVC profiles for window and door systems, home protection, interior and exterior applications, as well as multifunctional products.
For quite some time, Deceuninck has been recycling its own extrusion waste as well as the sawing waste produced by window manufacturers (pre-consumer waste). Yet Deceuninck also went out of its way to come up with a recycling technique for the much more troublesome post-consumer waste, like broken windows, old roller shutters, building profiles and drain pipes in PVC.
To this end, Deceuninck developed a foam procedure called Cyclefoam® to make noise barriers from PVC waste. Such a sound wall can be used alongside highways and railroad tracks, or to encase noisy machines. In 2003 the first barriers were put into place: 4500 m² along the E17 in Zwijnaarde and 2000 m² in Asten (the Netherlands). A square meter of such an acoustic barrier contains about 30 kg of PVC, so some 195 tons of recycled PVC went into the first two walls. This meant saving enormously on resources.

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  • Country: Belgium
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    • Construction
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