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Econation light energy

EcoNation offers ecological daylight solutions for selected industrial applications. Its flagship product is the intelligent daylight dome called the LightCatcher. Thanks to an advanced mirror and technology-based system, the LightCatcher brings more daylight into buildings than traditional light shafts or domes. The LightCatcher generates green energy and plenty of light, and prevents temperature fluctuations.
In addition, EcoNation’s Light Energy program consists of financing large industrial lighting projects in return for a part of the profit. Here’s how it works: EcoNation installs LightCatcher light domes on the customer's roof, taking full financial responsibility, monitoring the energy savings in real time together with the customer, and sharing the profits with him. The customer enjoys the same intensity of light as before, but at a much lower price. He immediately saves 20% to 70% on his energy bill without investing a single euro.

  • Website
  • Country: Belgium
  • Sectors:
    • Lighting
  • Maturity level: Growing

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Combined strategies

Circular Value Creation Strategies

  • Optimal product use
    Optimal product use

    Decreasing the amount of products needed for delivering a given amount of value. This can be realized in several ways, e.g. by shared use, by extension of the product’s lifetime,...  

  • Substitution

    Replace scarce / toxic / high impact material with more sustainable alternative.

Value Proposition Strategies

  • Product Service System – result oriented
    Product Service System – result oriented

    Product-service system entirely focused on delivery of a performance (e.g. amount of clean products).

  • Cost reduction
    Cost reduction

    Providing the customer with a cost reduction compared with BAU (e.g. shared use, avoiding waste handling fees, reducing resource consumption,…).

Value network strategies

  • Value chain collaboration
    Value chain collaboration

    Organisation in which the company effectively collaborates with customers and/or suppliers to create and capture value, going beyond the classical business model.