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Emma Safety Footwear

Emma Safety Footwear produces safety footwear for a range of industries. By 2019, Emma aims to produce safety footwear that avoids the use of primary reources, minimizes the use of energy and CO2 emissions, reuses resources and recycles materials into new products. Emma stresses the importance of a circular product. This means every shoe has a material passport and is identifiable and trackable through the value chain, its materials are durable and all resources are reused and recycled and only recycled materials are added to its products. Emma works togehter with COFA to ensure its products are returned and that primary resources are being recycled to the next highest value product.

  • Website
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Sectors:
    • Clothing
  • Maturity level: Established

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Combined strategies

Circular Value Creation Strategies

  • Material Recycling
    Material Recycling

    The valorization of industrial production residues or materials from end of life products into the same or other production chains

  • Reuse

    The common use of a product  (or product parts) spread over sequential timeframes.

  • Resource efficiency
    Resource efficiency

    Decreasing the amount of material used for a given product.

Value Proposition Strategies

  • Branding (eco/premium)
    Branding (eco/premium)

    Enabling a price premium by highlighting/guaranteeing quality and or environmental claims (e.g. certificates, environmental stewardship,...).

Value network strategies

  • Take back management
    Take back management

    Logistics  / establishing network collaboration for taking back end-of-life products from the customer, enabling the execution of a circular value creation strategy

  • Value chain collaboration
    Value chain collaboration

    Organisation in which the company effectively collaborates with customers and/or suppliers to create and capture value, going beyond the classical business model.