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Extremis is a manufacturer of high end garden furniture. In the company's own words: "in extremis' designs every single aspect as the fruit of careful consideration. Extremis' tools must always be functional. And above all always better than the products already available." The company reduces transport volumes, uses sustainably managed raw materials, makes optimum use of raw materials and observes quality standards guaranteeing that products last a lifetime. Extremis' aim is to design products with a long lifetime, both esthetically and physically.

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  • Country: Belgium
  • Sectors:
    • Furniture
  • Maturity level: Growing

Combined strategies

Circular Value Creation Strategies

  • Optimal product use
    Optimal product use

    Decreasing the amount of products needed for delivering a given amount of value. This can be realized in several ways, e.g. by shared use, by extension of the product’s lifetime,...  

  • Substitution

    Replace scarce / toxic / high impact material with more sustainable alternative.

Value Proposition Strategies

  • Branding (eco/premium)
    Branding (eco/premium)

    Enabling a price premium by highlighting/guaranteeing quality and or environmental claims (e.g. certificates, environmental stewardship,...).

Value network strategies

  • Value network collaboration
    Value network collaboration

    Collaboration between different companies / government bodies, local communities, NGOs throughout the value network to achieve a common goal