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Gazelle is an online second-hand retailer for smartphones, tablets and computers. Consumers can sell their old device, which is then offered to new buyers on the online Gazelle platform. Gazelle uses a 30-point quality inspection before devices are offered for sale.

  • Website
  • Country: United States
  • Sectors:
    • Electronics
  • Maturity level: Growing

Combined strategies

Circular Value Creation Strategies

  • Material Recycling
    Material Recycling

    The valorization of industrial production residues or materials from end of life products into the same or other production chains

  • Reuse

    The common use of a product  (or product parts) spread over sequential timeframes.

Value Proposition Strategies

  • Cost reduction
    Cost reduction

    Providing the customer with a cost reduction compared with BAU (e.g. shared use, avoiding waste handling fees, reducing resource consumption,…).

Value network strategies

  • Platform (online, other)
    Platform (online, other)

    An online or on-site solution to facilitate matching of supply and demand of materials or assets (e.g. product sharing, material exchange, reuse, etc.)