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Renault Remanufacturing

Renault operates a dedicated remanufacturing plant near Paris, France. There, several hundred employees re-engineer 17 different mechanical subassemblies, from water pumps to engines. Renault works with its distributor network to obtain used subassemblies, and supplements these with used parts purchased directly from end-of-life vehicle disassemblers as well as with new parts where necessary. Renault's ability to structure and run its reverse logistics chain and access a steady stream of cores, together with its deployment of highly skilled labour, has allowed the company to grow its remanufacturing operations into a 200 million euro business.

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  • Country: France
  • Sectors:
    • Car industry
  • Maturity level: Established

Combined strategies

Circular Value Creation Strategies

  • Remanufacture

    Return product /component to original specifications (remanufacturing) or to satisfactory working conditions (refurbishment).

  • Repair

    The correction of a specified fault to prolong the product’s lifetime.

  • Optimal product use
    Optimal product use

    Decreasing the amount of products needed for delivering a given amount of value. This can be realized in several ways, e.g. by shared use, by extension of the product’s lifetime,...  

Value Proposition Strategies

  • Cost reduction
    Cost reduction

    Providing the customer with a cost reduction compared with BAU (e.g. shared use, avoiding waste handling fees, reducing resource consumption,…).

Value network strategies

  • Take back management
    Take back management

    Logistics  / establishing network collaboration for taking back end-of-life products from the customer, enabling the execution of a circular value creation strategy