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SYMBIOSE (symbiosis) offers a matchmaking service to valorize industrial waste streams and excess resources (waste heat, infrastructure, technology, spare parts, staff ...) in Flanders. One company’s ‘waste’ can be another company’s raw material, so SYMBIOSE brings these possible partners together.
The SYMBIOSE database currently contains:
- some 475 potential synergies that companies are looking into, some of them in their final stage;
- about 235 organizations;
- more than 1.400 resources (15% of which are technologies that are on offer or demanded).
Nice to know: the economic value added for each successful synergy is 85.000 euros per year on average.

  • Website
  • Country: Belgium
  • Sectors:
    • Waste
  • Maturity level: Start-up

Combined strategies

Circular Value Creation Strategies

  • Material Recycling
    Material Recycling

    The valorization of industrial production residues or materials from end of life products into the same or other production chains

Value Proposition Strategies

  • Cost reduction
    Cost reduction

    Providing the customer with a cost reduction compared with BAU (e.g. shared use, avoiding waste handling fees, reducing resource consumption,…).

Value network strategies

  • Industrial Symbiosis
    Industrial Symbiosis

    The waste stream of one company is used as input for other company/companies, usually in a specific regional setting.

  • Platform (online, other)
    Platform (online, other)

    An online or on-site solution to facilitate matching of supply and demand of materials or assets (e.g. product sharing, material exchange, reuse, etc.)

  • Value network collaboration
    Value network collaboration

    Collaboration between different companies / government bodies, local communities, NGOs throughout the value network to achieve a common goal