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Take back Chemicals

TaBaChem (Take Back Chemicals) is a service provision business that aims to increase the efficiency of the chemical industry’s active products and processes. TaBaChem makes a substance or chemical product available for a particular application, guaranteeing a result that meets the customer’s specific requirements. Consequently, the chemicals supplier is paid for the service he provides, rather than for the quantity of substance that is consumed. In other words, the payment agreement is based on functional units, encouraging the supplier to optimize the action of the substance and to treat it as economically as possible.

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  • Country: Belgium
  • Sectors:
    • Chemicals
  • Maturity level: Start-up

Combined strategies

Circular Value Creation Strategies

  • Material Recycling
    Material Recycling

    The valorization of industrial production residues or materials from end of life products into the same or other production chains

Value Proposition Strategies

  • Product Service System – result oriented
    Product Service System – result oriented

    Product-service system entirely focused on delivery of a performance (e.g. amount of clean products).

  • Cost reduction
    Cost reduction

    Providing the customer with a cost reduction compared with BAU (e.g. shared use, avoiding waste handling fees, reducing resource consumption,…).

Value network strategies

  • Take back management
    Take back management

    Logistics  / establishing network collaboration for taking back end-of-life products from the customer, enabling the execution of a circular value creation strategy

  • Value network collaboration
    Value network collaboration

    Collaboration between different companies / government bodies, local communities, NGOs throughout the value network to achieve a common goal