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Tournevie is non-profit tool library operating from the building of MicroMarché in the heart of Brussels. Its concept can be compared to that of a traditional library: in exchange for a small annual membership fee, you get unlimited access to a wide range of quality tools. Regular membership is only 20 euros, and in turn you get to use the entire inventory for a year. Just like the Instrumentheek, Tournevie is an interesting alternative to traditional lease or sales models. Together with iFixit, the Wikipedia for repair, Tournevie also organizes repair workshops to encourage consumers to take better care of their tools.

  • Website
  • Country: Belgium
  • Sectors:
    • Consumer tools
  • Maturity level: Start-up

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Combined strategies

Circular Value Creation Strategies

  • Repair

    The correction of a specified fault to prolong the product’s lifetime.

  • Optimal product use
    Optimal product use

    Decreasing the amount of products needed for delivering a given amount of value. This can be realized in several ways, e.g. by shared use, by extension of the product’s lifetime,...  

Value Proposition Strategies

  • Product Service System – use oriented
    Product Service System – use oriented

    Product-service system focused on the provision of a service by renting/leasing a product (e.g. rental of cleaning equipment)

  • Asset sharing
    Asset sharing

    Generating customer value by enabling the shared use of their assets 

  • Branding (eco/premium)
    Branding (eco/premium)

    Enabling a price premium by highlighting/guaranteeing quality and or environmental claims (e.g. certificates, environmental stewardship,...).

Value network strategies

  • Platform (online, other)
    Platform (online, other)

    An online or on-site solution to facilitate matching of supply and demand of materials or assets (e.g. product sharing, material exchange, reuse, etc.)

  • Value chain collaboration
    Value chain collaboration

    Organisation in which the company effectively collaborates with customers and/or suppliers to create and capture value, going beyond the classical business model.

  • Localisation

    Organizing the physical flows of resources and products on a local scale (e.g. enabled by local 3D manufacturing, decentralized loop closure,....).